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The Giclee Canvas

With the advent of giclee, (pronounced gee-clay) the art of fine printing has become even more precise. Because no screens are used, the prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs. The dynamic color range is like serigraphy. In the giclee process, a fine stream of ink- more than four million droplets per second- is sprayed onto a specially treated canvas. The effect is similar to an airbrush technique but much finer. Each piece is carefully hand-mounted onto a drum which rotates during printing. Exact calculations of hue, value and density direct the ink of 6 nozzles. This produces a combination of 512 chromatic changes, (with over3 million color possibilities) of saturated, nontoxic waterbased ink. The artist's color approval and input are essential for creating the final custom setting for the edition.

The latest advancements in the giclee process have been in the higher resolution machines, more colorful and light resistant inks, and protective coatings for canvas art. The digital printers that we are using for "First Recital" have a cutting edge resolution of 1800 dpi (dots per square inch.). The inks that we use are rated to undergo no less than 20 years of normal exposure to light without any measurable fading. Finally, each canvas is applied with a special UV coating varnish. This coating insures UV light protection and protects the surface from scratching and other normal hazards.

Displaying a full color spectrum, giclee prints on canvas have the ability to capture minute nuances in original painting in which other processes fall short. The highlights are brighter, contrasts are better defined, and the colors are more exact than any comparable reproduction process. Simply, this is as close to an original Sandra Kuck artwork as can be reproduced. In fact, recently Sandra attended a Gallery open house and among the artworks were a giclee of "Welcome Home" and the original of "Welcome Home". Ten people were asked to identify which was the original- six of the ten were wrong. While we found the results to be very encouraging for Sandra Kuck giclee canvases we questioned whether our demand for originals priced as much as $50,000 would be affected?

Finer Image editions, CA were very helpful in providing much of the giclee information. Please contact our office if you have any further questions about giclee on canvas.


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